The HCG Diet for Men and Women

HCG Programs for Women

As the HCG diet plan involves hormone supplementation, women must align the start date of the diet with their menstrual cycles to avoid any adverse hormonal imbalances that can occur. Women should also avoid cosmetic creams that may contain fatty oils or anti-inflammatory ingredients when following an HCG diet plan as they can be absorbed into the skin and affect the body’s ability to regulate fat intake and storage.

Women diagnosed as clinically obese, or women with a BMI over 20% are usually excellent candidates for the dramatic weight loss results of an HCG diet plan. An HCG diet plan offers many benefits that traditional diets do not, such as:

Menstrual Regularity

Irregular menstrual cycles can be caused by excess body fat carrying estrogen, and excessive estrogen levels can interfere with regular menstrual cycles. An overall improvement of the body’s health and wellness can also improve hormonal balance, which has a direct connection with menstrual cycles and regularity in women.

Reduced PMS Symptoms

Reducing the amount of estrogen-retaining body fat can help balance the levels of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body. This has been shown to help alleviate symptoms related to PMS including bloating, fatigue and mood swings.

Improved Self Esteem and Body Image

Higher self esteem can be a result of achieving a weight loss goal and feeling healthier. An improved body image and healthier lifestyle can often result in greatly increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

HCG Programs for Men

Although the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is produced in women’s bodies during pregnancy, the primary function of HCG is boosting metabolism. Therefore, the HCG diet plan has been successfully and safely used to treat men suffering from obesity without any sexual side effects feared when injecting a female hormone. The HCG diet allows men to lose weight without losing lean muscle mass by supplying the body with the fuel it needs from fat stores while observing a low-calorie diet. Men in who have been diagnosed as obese or overweight, or men with a body mass index of 20% or higher may benefit from an HCG diet plan.

The diet supplies enough nutrients by metabolizing fat stored in the body to keep patients from experiencing muscle atrophy. An HCG diet program designed specifically for each patient to help men lose weight and experience many of the numerous benefits associated with weight loss including:

Improved Workout Performance

Losing weight with an HCG diet eliminates estrogen-storing fat deposits and can increase the production of testosterone in men, which can result in greater energy, stamina and muscle growth. Therefore, men can achieve longer and more productive workouts, burning more calories while building more muscle than ever before.

Increased Sexual Function & Libido

Increased testosterone levels and the loss of excess body fat can have both physical and mental effects on men. Improved self-confidence, more energy and a new body image can help many men regain interest in sexual activity, as well as improve sexual performance and energy. Higher testosterone levels and decreased body fat have also been connected to alleviating sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction in men.

Retained Muscle Integrity

Another benefit of losing weight with an HCG diet plan for men is the preservation of muscle integrity while observing such a low-calorie diet. Most men are able to lose fat without the fears of losing muscle mass and strength that are commonly associated with more traditional diet plans that do not include HCG supplementation.

Improved Metabolic Performance

Changing eating habits is a big part of a successful diet, most patients on an HCG diet plan are able to implement better food choices even after the diet is over in an effort to preserve the weight loss results achieved. This new clean diet coupled with the lasting effects HCG can have on the metabolism often result in a totally reset metabolism, improving energy levels, digestion and many other bodily functions.

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